06/18…of the day

Verse of the Day:
“He who answers before listening—
that is his folly and his shame. ”
~Prov 18:13

Quote of the Day:
“We’ll lie down and stare up at the vast blue sky above us and watch the clouds go by and listen to the breeze as it moves the leaves over-head. I’ll be there on my back and say a short prayer: ‘God, I can’t believe I get to live this life’.”
~Rob Bell

Lyrics of the Day:
“Does it have to start with a broken heart
Broken dreams and bleeding parts
We were young and world was clear
But young ambition disappears
I swore it would never come to this
The average, the obvious

I’m still discontented down here
I’m still discontented

If we’ve only got one try
If we’ve only got one life
If time was never on our side
Then before I die
I want to burn out bright”
~ “Burn Out Bright” by Switchfoot

currently listening to “The Heat” by NEEDTOBREATHE


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