04/19…of the day

Verse of the Day:
“When I discovered your words, I devoured them.
They are my joy and my heart’s delight,
for I bear your name,
O Lord God of Heaven’s Armies.”
~Jer 15:16

Quote of the Day:
“There’s a huge difference between propaganda and art. There’s something about art that says, ‘look, I’m telling the truth as I see it.’ [….] There’s this beautiful, beautiful honesty about art. And when you’re honest about the ugliness of life, that’s a beautiful thing. When you try to make everything pretty, it ends up seeming really cheap. [….] Whether it’s a song, a painting, architecture, film, if it really is reaching for the truth, that’s where we experience God.”
~ Brian McLaren

Photo of the Day:

Scrolling C's by h.wilson

currently listening to “Revolution” by Miranda Lambert – the much deserved ACM Album of the Year!


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