05/01…of the day

Verse of the Day:
“Lord, you are my strength and fortress,
my refuge in the day of trouble! ”
~Jer 16:19
Oh, to have the heart of Jeremiah (especially when you put it in context, he said this after 16 chapters of an intense discussion with the Lord saying he was going to take out most of the Isrealites – Jeremiah’s people)

Quote of the Day:
“And the experience I have in the smallest grasp of Christ’s grace and sacrifice is a mystery I spend many days and will spend many days in the future trying to even begin to comprehend the fullness of my appreciation of it, my need to live up to its standard and reciprocate the gift.  So it’s really difficult for me to persist in just one avenue of language when, to me, the faith journey is hopefully encompassing us in our full measure.”
~Jennifer Knapp, in “Jennifer Knapp Comes Clean” in Relevant Magazine

Video of the Day:

Brilliantly done Ben!

currently listening to “Almost everything I wish I would have said last time I saw you ” by WAKEY!WAKEY! – give a listen to “Brooklyn” “Square Peg, Round Hole” & “Almost Everything”


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