06/04…of the day

Verse of the Day:
“When doubts filled my mind,
your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.”
~Ps. 94:19

Quote of the Day:
“Religion is not the solution. Religion without Jesus is just self-righteousness. Freedom from oppression of Europe, Israel became the oppressor. Delivered from persecution, Muslims became persecutors. Abused spouses and children often go on the abuse spouses and children. It is a cliche, but it’s still true: hurt people, unless they are healed, hurt people.”
~Mosab Hassan Yousef in “Son of Hamas

Lyrics of the Day:
“Some people they call me crazy
For falling in love with you
They can take me and lock me away baby
’cause there’s nothing those bars can do

Through the shake of an earthquake
I will never fall
That’s how strong my love is
Like a ship through the storm
We can risk it all
That’s how strong my love is ”
~“That’s how strong my love is” by Alicia Keys

currently listening to “Waking Up” by One Republic


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