08/27…of the day

A compilation of the quotes from Leadership Summit that Rang my Bell
Idea stolen from Executing Ideas
“Your job is to help your ___ (company, family, friends community) to move from the here to the there  for the glory of the ONE whose name you bare.” – Bill Hybels
“Little bets and baby steps make all the difference.” –Len Schlesinger
“You are the result of a grand conspiracy of Love” – Cory Booker
“Your attitude about the world says nothing about the world; it says something about your character.” – Cory Booker
“But before you tell me what you teach, show me how you live and give.” – Cory Booker
When the shaking is so severe we are tempted to pull back, but we MUST move forward.” – Dr. Brenda Salter-McNeil
“Competence is no longer sufficient” – Seth Godin
“If failure is not an option, then success isn’t either” – Seth Godin
“If it’s worth doing, why aren’t you doing it now?” –Seth Godin
“I can’t expect God’s blessing on my work unless I do it God’s way.” – Steven Furtick
“The difference between a vision and a day dream is the audacity to act and the faith to get started.”- Steven Furtick
“If the size of the vision is not intimidating to you there’s a good chance it’s insulting to God.”- Steven Furtick
“I may not have all the resources right now, but I have exceeding promises in God’s word.”- Steven Furtick
“When the vision God has put inside you doesn’t match with what you see, close your eyes and keep going.”- Steven Furtick
Everyone who experiences the fragrance of eternity has to experience the valley of death.” – Mama Maggie Gobran
True elegance comes from the inside – from love.” – Mamma Maggie Gobran
It’s the moment when you die to yourself that you discover the beauty of life.” – Mamma Maggie Gobran
“I would much rather deal with anger than apathy” – Michelle Rhee
“God has called us to be a steward over a vision affect the world around us.” – Dr. Henry Cloud
“When you lack the maturity to do it on your own, add external structure.” – Dr. Henry Cloud
“Humility is not hiding your talents.  Humility is the noble choice to forgo your status and use your influence for the good of others. It is to hold your power in service of others.” – John Dickson
“The real power of effective leadership is maximizing other people’s potential, which inevitably demands ensuring they get the credit. When our ego won’t let us build another person up, then the effectiveness of the organization goes down.” – John Dickson
“If you live your life outside of God you are destined to the monotonous repetition but when we step into the light of the Son we are in the presence of the God of the extravagantly new.” – Erwin McManus
“When we live our lives connected to the Creator of the Universe, we become God’s instruments for creating the future” – Erwin McManus
“We have been entrusted with this stewardship: to redeem the image of God in every human being and living our lives in a way that reflects the image and character of God.” – Erwin McManus
“We should be the EPICENTER of creativity.” – Erwin McManus
“It’s not that hard to bring people to Jesus when you tell them a story they find themselves in.” – Erwin McManus
“We are a mosaic… broken and fragmented pieces brought together by the masterful hand of an extraordinary Creator.” – Erwin McManus

currently listening to “Hell on Heels” by Pistol Annies – LOVE the new album!


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