02/05…of the day

Verse of the Day:
“For he himself is our peace.”
~Eph 2:14

Quote(s) of the Day:
“It had always been his fault to me until, in that moment it wasn’t any longer.  It was no one’s fault:  We loved one another once.  And then life brought us in different directions.  And we would both be okay.  He just wasn’t mine.  I just wasn’t his. And maybe a ghost gets born on the day you can accept the hardest fact:  someone else will love them, someone else will love them in a way you you know you can’t.*

“That’s all I want to believe on any given Friday or Monday or Thursday:  that if the stars that guide me home are enough to be adored, then I could be too.” *

“So cry your tears. And say your last words.  And when you are emptied out, let me go.  Please let me go.  Don’t live in your memories, making tents and tiny houses out of the way we used to be.  Something really wonderful awaits you.  I need you to step inside of it.  Say good bye because something new is about to start right here.        And me?  Well I’ll just carry the thought of you doing just fine.  I’ll carry the thought of you meeting new people, and holding new pairs of hands, and clutching people closer than you ever clutched me.  I’ll remember that when you came to me it was a blessing.  A temporary blessing that we’ll one day see if we can make permanent.  But for now it’s you and all the little lives you’ve got to go out there and touch.       You’re ready.  That why I’m letting you go.  And everyone else? Everyone else who get you for this next little “I’ll see you everyday” sort of while?  They win.  I don’t feel like much of a winner in this moment, but them?  They absolutely win.*

“I’ll Be your mistake.  Your poem.  Your messiest form of hope” *

“One day, I’m gonna be the map you unfold.  The one that leads you home.  That’ll be me.” *

“Grace is letting something else– something so much bigger than you– carry you home. It’s having and wanting nowhere else to be but in a moment that wants you and takes you just as you are..” *
~Hannah Brencher
She is one of the most beautiful and poetic writers I have read in a long time.  Her words find their way deep into my soul.

Video of the Day:

“You are the light and I will follow
You let me lose my shadow
You are the sun the glowing halo
And you keep burning me up with all of your love”

Currently Listening to “Respect Me” by Missy Elliott


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