03/07…of the day

Verse of the Day:
“Be still in the presence of the Lord,
and wait patiently for Him to act.”
~Ps 37:7

Video of the Day:

Beautiful video!
Fav. Line : “The scars of your love, they leave me breathless,  I can’t help feeling, We could have had it all”

Poem of the Day:
“In the dooryard fronting an old farm-house near the white-wash’d palings,
Stands the lilac-bush tall-growing with heart-shaped leaves of rich green,
With many a pointed blossom rising delicate, with the perfume strong I love,
With every leaf a miracle — and from this bush in the dooryard,
With delicate-color’d blossoms and heart-shaped leaves of rich green,
A sprig with its flower I break. ”
~“When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed” by Walt Whitman
This reminds me of growing up eating cereal in our kitchen in the summer with the windows open and smelling the blooming lilacs right out side in the morning air.  Those days were easy and beautiful.

currently listening to “21” by Adele – Has been on repeat since Friday.  SOO good!  Particularly love “Someone Like You” “Turning Tables” “Don’t You Remember” “Rolling in the Deep”  & “I’lll Be Waiting”.  But really you can listen to it start to finish and not be disappointed.  Trust me.  Go out and buy it.  Now!


04/21…of the day

Verse of the Day:
“Purify me from my sins, and I will be clean;
wash me, and I will be whiter than snow..”
~Ps 41:7

Photo of the Day:

by Ree Drummond
by Ree Drummond from thepioneerwoman.com

Whoever has questioned my (more than slight) obsession with cowboys over the years has never seen them from this perspective.  A picture truly worth a thousand words.

Lyrics of the Day:
“Seems I’ve been playing on the safe side baby
Building walls around my heart to save me, oh
But it’s time for me to let it go

Yeah, I’m ready to feel now
No longer am I afraid of the fall down
It must be time to move on now
Without the fear of how it might end
I guess I’m ready to love again”
~“Ready to Love Again” by Lady Antebellum

currently listening to “19” by Adele

02/24…of the day

Verse of the Day:
“They will receive the Lord’s blessing
and have a right relationship with God their savior.
Such people may seek you
and worship in your presence, O God of Jacob.”
~Ps 24:5-6

Quote of the Day:
“Art is not a pleasure, a solace, or an amusement; art is great matter. Art is an organ of human life, transmitting man’s reasonable perception into feeling.”
~ Tolstoy

Lyrics of the Day:
“Sometimes sitting in the dark wishing you were here
Turns me crazy,
But it’s you who makes me lose my head.

And every time I’m meant to be acting sensible
You drift into my head
And turn me into a crumbling fool.”
~“Crazy for You” by Adele

currently listening to “Play On” by Carrie Underwood

02/01…of the day

Verse of the Day:
“There are three things that amaze me—
no, four things that I don’t understand:
how an eagle glides through the sky,
how a snake slithers on a rock,
how a ship navigates the ocean,
how a man loves a woman
~Prov 30:18-19

Photo of the Day:

Stephen and Lindsey
Stephen and Lindsey

They are engaged.  I am soo excited to have a new sister-in-law

Lyrics of the Day:
“When somebody loves you
It’s no good unless he loves you all the way
Happy to be near you
When you need someone to cheer you all the way

Taller than the tallest tree is
That’s how it’s got to feel
Deeper than the deep blue sea is
That’s how deep it goes if it’s real

When somebody needs you
It’s no good unless he needs you all the way
Through the good or lean years
And for all those in between years, come what may

Who knows where the road will lead us
Only a fool would say, but if you let me love you
It’s for sure I’m gonna love you all the way”
~“All the Way” by Frank Sinatra

currently listening to “19” by Adele

02/09…of the day

Verse of the Day:
“Doing something for you, bringing something to you—
that’s not what you’re after.
Being religious, acting pious—
that’s not what you’re asking for.
You’ve opened my ears
so I can listen.
So I answered, “I’m coming.
I read in your letter what you wrote about me,
And I’m coming to the party
you’re throwing for me.”
That’s when God’s Word entered my life,
became part of my very being.”
~Ps 40:6-8

Quote of the Day:
“Cooking is an art and patience a virtue… Careful shopping, fresh ingredients and an unhurried approach are nearly all you need. There is one more thing – love. Love for food and love for those you invite to your table. With a combination of these things you can be an artist – not perhaps in the representational style of a Dutch master, but rather more like Gauguin, the naïve, or Van Gogh, the impressionist. Plates or pictures of sunshine taste of happiness and love.”
~Keith Floyd, A Feast of Floyd

Lyrics of the Day:
“Round my hometown
Memories are fresh
Round my hometown
Ooh the people I’ve met
Are the wonders of my world”
~ “Hometown Glory”  by Adele

currently listening to “Narrow Stairs” by Death Cab for Cutie

01/22…of the day

Photo of the Day:
Jackson Photography
Jackson Photography

Quote of the Day:
“Wine is bottled poetry.”
~Robert Louis Stevenson

Lyrics of the Day:
“My father had skin like leather
hands like steel
from a lifetime spent in the cottonfields
though hed come home tired and dirty
almost everynight
he found the strength to smile at me and hold my mama tight
while that old transister radio would play the opry out in the hall
id sit and watch their shadows glide across the wall

and theyd dance to a dixie lullaby
picture of love beneath the southern sky
oh my what a beautiful life
just like a dixie lullaby”
~ “Dixie Lullaby” by Pat Green

currently listening to “19” by Adele